Bearing failure can destroy an engine, however bearings are often overlooked when considering high performance upgrades. Performance engineered, multi-layer bearings generate less heat than normal bearings by reducing friction. Cosworth race bearing sets feature unique combinations of design, metallurgy and engineering to   deliver Performance in extreme conditions. Sets are available in three sizes to accommodate most applications.


High strength overlay plate with reduced thickness for better oil control and less friction

Hardened steel backing on all connecting rod bearings

      The higher tensile strength of steel alloy improves rod bearing strength and retention

Increased crush for better retention

      Increased crush improves bearing retention from higher radial contact pressures, and also improves heat dissipation.

3/4 grooving on main bearings providing optimum oil supply

     The inertia force generated by a rotating part of the crankshaft is directed from the rotation centre to the centre of mass. It is transmitted to both the upper and lower main bearing shells. The oil groove is commonly made in the upper shell where the oil hole is located. A 180º groove is sufficient for providing the required amount oil to the connecting rod bearing, which it reaches by flowing through passageways within the crankshaft.

Tight consistent wall tolerances (+/- 0.00015”)

Oversize chamfers, where applicable, to accommodate larger crankshaft fillets

Flash plating eliminated for improved heat transfer

Our bearings are available in 3 sizes: 0 , 1, 2. We do not offer undersized bearings for ground crankshafts.

Size 1 is what we used to call "STD"

Size 2 is what we used to call "RACE"

Size 0 provides .025mm or .001" less oil clearance than our size 1 bearing

Size 2 provides .025mm or .001" more oil clearance than our size 1 bearing

Bearing half shells can be mixed and match to provide the incremental changes in oil clearance However it is imperative that bearing clearances are measured before selecting the appropriate bearing size.