Our many years of motorsports experience has taught us that stopping power is just as critical to performance as engine power. With that in mind, Cosworth has developed a line of performance brake pads for genuine fast road car and track performance enthusiasts.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, Cosworth brake pads feature a 1.5mm granulated interlayer which not only serves to act as a shock absorber, helping to reduce stress on the rotor surface but triples bonding strength so diminishing edge lifting.

To reduce the “bedding-in” or “seating-in” time - this is the time it takes for the pad and disc to adapt to each other – all Cosworth brake pads are heat seared. This process heats the friction material to in excess of 850°C , “toasting” the surface , greatly enhancing the performance the first time that the driver applies the brakes. Scorching pads also significantly reduces initial fading - fading increases the necessary force and pressure required to maintain the deceleration of the vehicle.


Superior bite from cold

Exceptional stopping performance - 0.42Mu braking coefficient

Silent running technology

“Vee” groove for fast debris clearance

Fade resistant

Premium grade friction material

Consistent & predictable braking patterns

ECE R90 approved for road use

Linear Brake feel

Easy on rotors