Intake Manifolds

Cosworth high performance intake manifolds are designed in house to ensure that your engine is able to get the maximum airflow that it needs. All preliminary testing begins in CAD using CFD software to ensure that the manifold designs are optimized well before a single prototype is made. This ensure that these units are actually flowing more then stock, and most importantly are balanced within each cylinder.

There is a fine balance between runner length, plenum size and vehicle drivability. By altering each of those variables, the intake manifolds effect on the engines power delivery will be varied. Too large or too small can leave you with a manifold that is mis-matched to your vehicles’ needs. Leaving you with a slow response or a shift in the powerband that is outside your motors VE. Countless hours with CFD software and engine dyno testing has ensured that each of the Cosworth manifolds performs as intended and delivers real power that you can feel and measure.

We at Cosworth ensured that we don’t just offer you a manifold that only makes power in one RPM range, but a unit that is able to flow more then the stock unit without sacrificing bottom end performance.Each manifold is precisely cast out of high quality aluminium to ensure that the internal flow consistent and precise. 

This also eliminates any possible issues with failed welds, where competitors might manufacture their units out of multi piece CNC pieces or sheet metal. Post casting each unit is CNC machined and port matched to allow for a flat mating surface of auxiliary components and to perfectly match each port to the cylinder head openings.

Each manifold also offers similar to stock auxiliary sensor ports to ensure that fitment of a Cosworth manifold does not leave you stranded without having a brake booster or the required vacuum ports.