With over 50 years design and manufacturing experience, coupled with the use of modern analysis methods, Cosworth aftermarket performance piston designs strike the perfect balance between optimum performance and component longevity. 
Prior to initial manufacture of a new piston design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is carried out. During this process, a three-dimensional model of the piston, wrist pin and rod assembly 
is constructed, together with a section of the cylinder bore and liner.  Loads are then calculated from the engine performance data (cylinder pressure, engine speed etc.), are then applied to the piston. This allows us to tailor each individual application, extracting maximum performance without compromising component reliability.

Using the same manufacturing and design techniques as the Formula One pistons, we are able to optimize every aspect of the piston for each exact and specific application. By using key design features such as offset pins and proprietary alloy, these pistons will feature less piston noise and lower oil consumption when compared to the rest of the competition.

Cosworth Piston features include:

Skirt profile & ovality technology – reduces 
engine noise, increases life & performance

Oil and combustion gas control features
reduced blow-by and oil consumption

Offset pin bores - for reduced engine noise

Xylan Coated Skirts – for anti-friction and also aids
bed in

Polished crowns – reduces carbon build up,
minimising the effect of hot spots causing detonation

Anti-detonation bands – Minimises crevice volume reducing the effect of unburned fuel between the piston and the bore

Accumulator groove – Aids compression ring sealing under high cylinder pressures

Fully formed forgings – Optimised forging shape for minimum weight, increased strength and
durability using proprietary Cosworth Alloy 
with superior thermal proporites over the competition.

Wrist Pin

Cosworth pistons feature ultra strong, lightweight and, durable gudgeon pins, designed for the higher stress and elevated loads found in high performance engines. Manufactured
from EN39B steel for high core strength and durability.

Piston Rings

Piston rings play the primary role in sealing the combustion gases within the combustion chamber. The top ring does the majority of the work in sealing gas pressure; the second ring acts as a scraper ring to reduce oil consumption by preventing oil from the cylinder bore walls getting into the combustion chamber; the third ring is an oil control ring, which works to control the amount of oil entrained on the cylinder walls to lubricate the ring and skirt contact surfaces.

Developed using the latest technologies and highest quality materials, Cosworth Performance Ring Sets are designed to meet the demands of modern high power performance engines for higher output, improved sealing, lower friction and longer life.