Large diameter valves are essential for improved air flow. Cosworth high performance valves are +1.00mm oversized to allow for greater flow capacity and each valve features a swirl polished back improving air flow even further.

Weight reduction and strength are key in high performance engines which is why Cosworth high performance valves are only manufactured using the highest quality materials. 

Intake valves are produced from high quality stainless steel for maximum durability whilst exhaust valves are machined from Inconel, to withstand the high exhaust gas temperatures generated by turbo charged applications. 

Cosworth valves incorporate a dished face for additional weight reduction.

*Note that Cosworth Valves are designed specifically to work with the Cosworth dual valve spring and titanium retainer set


Cosworth High RPM Valve Springs are the result of countless hours of engineering, testing and validation ensuring the best possible spring for high performance applications. Available in High Performance or Race Series, each one offering their own benefits to fit each customers needs. The High Performance valves feature a single spring per valve that is a direct factory replacement that is compatible with OE seats and retainers for those looking to get a slight increase over stock spring pressure when using only a slightly upgraded cam with close to factory redline.

The Race Series offers the ultimate in valve control for a high lift cam and high RPM operations with duel springs per valve, Titanium retainers, upgraded valve keepers and new spring seats. Post winding the Race Series springs are shot peened and stress relieved to allow better spring pressure consistancy and longer life.

Cosworth High RPM Valve Springs are wound from the world’s finest Japanese Kobe steel and feature dual chamfered ends to reduce wear on seats and retainers.

Each spring has been engineered with increased seat pressure along with higher lift capability for optimum performance potential and improved valve control.

Easy installation with no machining required for OEM like fitment.