Cosworth Camshafts M2 Grind

Part #: COS1 KK3806


Cam Exhaust Duration: 272
Cam Exhaust Lift: 11.0mm
Cam Intake Duration: 272
Cam Intake Lift: 11.0mm
Location: Intake and Exhaust
Machining Required: No
QTY: 2
Springs Required: Recommended
Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty

More than 50 years of engineering camshafts has given us time to analyze all potential options for producing the most effective, dependable and dominant product on the market. By developing and designing high performance multi-valve cylinder heads, we are able to apply our knowledge of a complete cylinder head to our camshaft designs to ensure the camshafts deliver on all required efficiency. Our camshafts proudly put forth maximum usable power and this power runs across the absolute widest power band.

All cams are ground from totally new billet blanks and engineered from the same proven procedures we use in our high level racing engines.The M2 series cams have been precisely engineered for a mid to high RPM build allowing for excellent power gains throughout the entire powerband.

Please Note: Upgraded valve springs are highly suggested for this cam if the rev-limiter is raised above stock.

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