Cosworth Inlet Manifold Thermal Gasket LH for BRZ/FRS

Part #: COS1 20044661

Maintaining cool, dense air flowing through the intake system requires more than just an efficient intake isolated from the engine bay. With direct contact between the intake manifold and cylinder head, heat will naturally transfer from one to another creating a path for incoming air to absorb heat before entering the combustion chamber. Designed from engineering grade composite phenolic material, our thermal intake manifold gaskets create an obstacle for the heat transferring to the manifold establishing a system that provides cooler, more dense air charge to open the potential for a rise in power and torque. they are deformation resistant, to prevent collapse and breakdown, a problem that's commonly found with standard plastic gaskets. The gaskets are specially designed to isolate heat that comes into the intake manifold area from the engine's cylinder head.


When we designed these gaskets we were fully aware of the amount of heat these gaskets would go through and selected this specific phenolic material due to it's resistance to deformation commonly found in other plastic gaskets. Included is a tube of "Hylomar Universal Blue Racing Formula" sealant to create a superior seal.

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